Trans(e) Bleu

Marie-France Giraudon & Emmanuel Avenel.
Vidéo, couleur, stéréo, 22 minutes, 2000. / Video, color, stereo, 22 minutes, 2000.
Distribution : Marie-France Giraudon & Emmanuel Avenel / Vidéographe.

Lorsque l'enfermement hivernal polaire génère une transe paysagère qui permet de s'inventer un territoire cosmique et de le parcourir... en nous faisant peut-être devenir un peu chamane.

The winter polar confinement provokes a landscape trance that permits us to create a cosmic territory to wander it and to become ourselves a little bit of chamanes.

El confinamiento polar invernal produce una ausiedad paisajística que nos permite inventar un territorio cósmico, recorrello y convertirnos un poco en chamanes.

“As in previous works recorded in the countryside, Giraudon and Avenel take the viewer on a misty tour through the northern part of Canada where the Inuit live. Better known as the Eskimos, they are the original native inhabitants of this country. The inhospitable climate, the isolation and the beauty of this polar region are all made tangible in a highly poetic visual narrative. Like the wind the camera sweeps across the cold landscape in continuous motion and does not permit a clear view of what is being taped for a single moment. The recordings from this journey have been abstracted by transforming subtle montages into visual impressions. The viewer is constantly challenged to decipher what is actually to be seen. The fact that this is not particularly important quickly becomes clear whilst watching. This is a video to experience, to be submerged in. Images from nature are gradually distorted into patterns and structures and vice versa. There is a wonderfully fluid transition from a landscape image with the horizon to a close-up of two fingers of a hand. The makers even give the moon extraordinary freedom of movement and a supernatural expressiveness. All in all, the images in this work speak for themselves and there isn't much else to say. The only thing Giraudon and Avenel will give away is the following anecdote: In 1969, somewhere in Northern Canada, a white person explained to an Inuit that humans had succeeded in putting a man on the moon. The Inuit laughed and replied that yes, it's been a while since their shamans have been there. Whilst the desolate arctic winter creates a type of scenic trance that perhaps makes it possible to imagine a cosmic environment and navigate it, maybe it's possible to be something of a shaman too.”
Marieke van Hal

Trans(e) bleu, extrait 1 / excerpt 1, 3 minutes 39.

Trans(e) bleu, extrait 2 / excerpt 2, 3 minutes 19.